About Us

Hana wellbeing was created to serve women who want to explore, nurture, and grow their personal wellbeing with a holistic approach.
Blending inspiration and encouragement, Hana Wellbeing provides rejuvenation, enthusiasm, and support to discover and assist in a self-care practice that works for you.
Whether this is done online or one-to-one, this work creates, authentic self-care and access to a holistic wellbeing platform.


"Reiki is love.
Love is Wholeness
Wholeness is balance
Balance is wellbeing
Wellbeing is freedom from dis-ease"

Dr Mikao Usui

Brand New!

Do you have problems creating and maintaining a long term and deep self care practice and don’t know where to start?
Would having having support and encouragement to make lasting changes help you?
Click here to go to my new course!

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