Hi I'm Hana!
A nature loving creative, Wife, Mother, Yogi and passionate Reiki practitioner!

I have a wide and varied client base and treat all types of ailments from physical and emotional but my passion lies in holding space, bringing balance and supporting the people that give to others on a daily basis.

The Healer's Healer!

As practitioners, we often forget about ourselves particularly when we are giving to our clients for long periods of time without a break.

We are more powerful and effective when we work from a place of wellness so our self-care is important.

I've created this practice as a support system for fellow therapists and practitioners as a place to come to be cared for and to fill their cups.

I use Reiki as it is universal and compliments so many other treatments and practices. It will always go to where it needs to go for your highest good so will give you what you need each time you see me.


As well as being fully insured I am a member of The Reiki Association.


07516 724976

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