• Hannah Godfrey

Helping the Healers

Wow! This week, huh?! We're being asked to make huge changes for the wellbeing and safety of our society and people's lives are rapidly changing in all kinds of ways.

For many of us, Our clinic doors are closing for now but good hygiene is still important.

Start a regular meditation practice. There are so many resources available at the moment and in the current climate, more and more teachers are making their teachings available. Insight Timer is my favourite app, it's on my app store/play store. Start small, just a couple of minutes a day can make a huge difference and you can find specific grounding mediations out there too. Smudging has been used for centuries to clear space and change the atmosphere. I am smudging daily at the moment with sage or palo santo wood.

Below are some ideas for raising your vibration and staying positive.

Be conscious of how much and what type of information you are taking in. Although it is good to know what is going on, choose reliable sources and take breaks!!! Overconsumption of the media will cause overwhelm! I have made that mistake this week!!!

I hope you can use this time to make space and maybe look at your business differently. What could you learn now? Have you been putting things off that you could do now like rebranding? Is there CPD training you could do online now? Let's use this time to reconnect to ourselves, our businesses, our friends and families. Stay connected, you're not alone!


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