• Hannah Godfrey

What a crazy 6 months!

Well, I don't know about you but what have we just gone through?! and what are we heading into more importantly?! On a personal level, it's been intense! Our son was home with us for the whole of the lockdown. I juggled home learning with all the things I do on a regular basis, coupled with the constant underlying anxiety and fear we had all been feeling during the lockdown.

Of course, as is the way with me it would seem, months of planning and work went into new ventures, turning new ideas for hana wellbeing into reality, and the opportunity to begin work all ground to a halt! (The universe at work I'm sure!)

I find myself a totally different person now if I'm honest. Life slowed down for us. I began to find how I work best, discovered how and what I want from my business, and also came to the realisation that all the investments I have made in myself, the hours to learning and researching is actually the thing I have wanted to create all along...... I've always seen my picking up of different subjects and trying all these different things as me being a bit wishy-washy! But that's not the case at all! I know I'm meant to be a teacher, a way show-er, but what? Certainly not a teacher in the conventional sense. Then, over the past few weeks, it came to me......

Wellbeing is such a blanket term, isn't it?! What actually is wellbeing? What makes up our wellbeing? How do we start a practice where our wellbeing is center stage and how do we get the support for that? This is what hana wellbeing will be. A holistic approach to wellbeing and self care. I have so many tools at my disposal now that its time to share them! I have a Life Coaching diploma, I'm a Reiki Practioner and soon I will be a Yoga Instructor. The cornerstones of wellbeing - Mind, Body, Spirit. So I begin an evolution for hana wellbeing now. Where I left it in March isn't where it is going. So watch this space! You don't know if you don't try, dear reader! I'd love to know your thoughts Hx


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